It is LLA’s philosophy that architecture be a creative response to the real needs of a client, the physical context of the project and the economic limits defined. Our approach to the design process is inclusive. Collaboration is essential to accomplish complex projects and achieve exemplary results. We seek creative solutions that are not the product of preconceived style but the thoughtful answer to a defined set of issues circumscribed by the dynamic between all members of the building process. Exceptional projects are usually the result of partnerships between gifted design professionals and visionary clients. Animating that dialogue is the responsibility of the architect as team leader. Being a good listener is essential to carefully defining the program, determining the wishes of the client and forming appropriate responses to agreed-upon goals. Careful definition of the project ensures that the entire project team understands the scope of work to be addressed and the quality of performance expected.

Prerequisite to any successful project is strong conceptual thinking and the demonstration of design ability. These criteria are compromised without technical proficiency. Attention to detail must be more than rhetoric and problem resolution must occur on paper well in advance of the contractor's arrival. Successful projects are those that avoid surprises and our experience confirms that effective project management, cost and quality control are dependent upon comprehensive construction documents. It is imperative that our drawings allow for clear communication, accurate bidding, superior construction and timely execution of the work.  

At the end of each project, we gauge the project’s success as a combination of the environment’s physical design (both in architecture and engineering) and the degree to which the team has managed all aspects of the needs including program, cost and schedule.  We strongly believe that the project team must be thoughtfully and thoroughly managed in order to achieve true success and maximize the benefits of a collective and collaborative process.