311 Washington Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ

Washington Commons, LLC purchased an “L” configured lot of 15,000 square feet with 350 feet of property lines adjoining other parcels. The resulting building code requirements for light, air, ratings and percentage of openings were considerable. The site bridges a high-rise office district to the south, a low and mid-rise arts district to the north, the Power House site to the northeast and mixed use high-rise development to the east.

Sixty-eight dwelling units of 1,200 square feet each were created, each with a unique configuration and views. Seven units on the second floor are dedicated to live work occupancy for artists. Two levels of parking are accessed from two separate sides of the building.

Horizontal brick banding wraps the curved corner in reference to the Morgan Warehouse across the street. Two colors of brick piers support the tower and a vertical band of glazing provides fenestration at the elevator lobbies, segmenting the facades between the tower and the portion of the structure that steps down toward the arts district. As the horizontal brick and window banding reaches across to the vertical divide, the façade transforms into a more playful and whimsical articulation of fenestration that is governed by code limitations and visual opportunities at the interior. Multiple colors of brick, pre-cast stone and metal windows establish a more painterly face to the artist district beyond.