9th and Brunswick Streets, Jersey City, NJ

LLA designed and secured approvals for a 143 unit residential development on a 1.81 acre site. The site is adjacent to the Hamilton Park Historic District to the east and borders the rail lines and turnpike overpass to the west that lead to the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City. The project is to provide 147 enclosed parking spaces on grade covered by a “green” roof. Three main buildings wrap the garage and green space. As a result of the need to address vehicular ingress and egress to the lobbies on a site with one private and one public street that both dead-end at the rail right-of-way, LLA designed the cross circulation through the garage for delivery vehicles and taxis through an otherwise private parking garage.

The five-story masonry facades are stepped at the sixth floor with a metal and glass penthouse cornice presenting a contemporary but complimentary image to the historic Hamilton Park neighborhood to the east.