• Rendering by SANDesign and Infiniti Design Studios

1422 Grand Street, Hoboken, NJ

In 2010 LLA presented plans before the Zoning Board of Adjustment and was granted Variance and Site Plan approvals for the alteration, addition to and conversion of an industrial building at 1422 Grand Street in Hoboken, NJ. LLA provided architectural and design services to two clients for the initial approvals: the building owners and the owners of Radegast Hall, the well known Biergarten in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. LLA was charged with the development of design plans and a planning strategy for the occupancy of the ground floor as a Biergarten – Pilsner House, the second floor as a future catering hall and the upper three floors as Artist, Factory, Business, Retail Business & Service mixed-uses.

This handsome but neglected five-story industrial structure is situated on a 10,000 square foot lot with gross ground and second floor areas of 5,986 square feet each. The building steps back to provide 5,555 square feet on the third floor and 4,873 square feet on the fourth and fifth floors for a gross building area of 27,273 square feet. The ground floor main space, set almost three feet below grade, created an opportunity for a grand entry stair while the construction of masonry bearing heavy timber girders and columns provided a fabulous back drop and image on which to develop a warm and welcoming interior.

Subsequent to LLA’s testimony and approvals, the owners of the Biergarten engaged our services to complete the design and construction documents for the alteration of the main bar-dining space, the new “wintergarten” extension and the outdoor biergarten. Patrons enter the restaurant via a walk through the side yard traversing one of two ornamental iron gates. One gate is for patrons with a vista of the outdoor garden dining area en route to the entry foyer. The second and larger gate provides access for deliveries during hours when the restaurant is closed. These ornamental iron garden gates enclose a textured garden with cobblestone pavers, brick walls and a view of the brick arched “wintergarten” with its sloping metal roof, skylights and arched steel and glass doors.

LLA extended the base of the ground floor window openings at the exterior facades to reach an existing corbelled brick base approximately 18” above the sidewalk. These grand industrial translucent windows establish a warm glow within the main restaurant dining space and similarly establish a dramatic street presence. Illuminated painted graphic signage bands at the top of the building and at the corner and garden facades announce the Biergarten in a language that looks aged to match the period of the building. The faded signage appears as an homage to the façade imagery of the Hoboken Neumann Leather building.