1471 Broadway, New York, NY

Walgreens commissioned LLA to design their new Flagship store at this NYC landmark at One Times Square. Known as the Ball-drop building, the narrow triangular footprint established as a result of the intersections of Seventh Avenue, Broadway and 42nd Street presented unique design and planning challenges. LLA proposed the introduction of an animated LED light spline to lead patrons through the three sales floors as a signature feature within a partially suspended and exposed ceiling system.

This serpentine light spline leads patrons toward the escalators and gestures to the surrounding Times Square billboards and digital signage. As part of our responsibilities, LLA secured DOT, DOB, Con Edison and MTA approvals for mechanical, electrical, structural, plumbing life safety and power upgrades throughout the 23-story tower and the four levels below grade. The building now hosts the two tallest LED signs in the US, rising up the east and west facades, along with extensive interior and exterior signage at grade. Our consultants Available Light, YAS Engineering and H & H Engineering were instrumental to the success achieved in the opening of this new flagship store.

In December 2010, LLA was awarded the ICSC Gold Medal for best Retail Store in the US.